Build Cover with the best Android developers in New York

Cover is in development on Android. We want you to have a better dining experience, regardless of what phone you have.

The Cover iPhone app embodies our core experience, and that experience is coming to Android. Cover for Android is being crafted with the same attention to visual detail and interaction while incorporating Android’s design language and hardware features.

To meet our Android goals, we’re working with TouchLab. Kevin and his team build some of the best apps on the platform, and they share our goal for Cover to provide the best payment experience on any device. As part of our relationship, we are hiring a team member to embed in TouchLab, to build the app with them and then lead our ongoing Android development after the app is released.

If you are an experienced Java, embedded systems, or iOS developer who wants to focus fully on Android, this is a chance to learn from the best in the industry. There aren’t enough top-tier Android developers in New York. Let’s change that.

If you are already an experienced Android developer, this is an opportunity to collaborate with other Android experts on a leading app. After your time with TouchLab you will head Android development at Cover. This is a major role - we expect to put more energy as a team into Android than iOS as we move forward.

We’ll be interviewing candidates together with TouchLab to find someone who both fits at Cover and has the skills to excel on Android. You’ll be a full-time Cover employee with full salary and benefits even while you are embedded at TouchLab. If you’re not in New York, we’ll pay to get you here.

To apply, send us a message on AngelList Talent. If you can get a warm introduction to someone on our team or at TouchLabs, you should.

Cover works with the best restaurants in your city so you can have the best dining experience. We’re a small team working out of SoHo, and backed by some of the best investors on both coasts, including OATV, Lerer Ventures, and Naval Ravikant.

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