Our Series A

We’re excited to announce our Series A, led by Spark Capital. Below are some thoughts from our founders, Andrew Cove & Mark Egerman.

Today, we announced that we’ve raised $5.5M in a new round of funding. With the new capital, we can continue to build our team in New York. We’ve already added two awesome new team members, and we’ll grow from 10 to 20+ as Cover becomes a daily part of dining out in New York and San Francisco. I couldn’t be more excited. I think about who will join us this year, and the knowledge and experience that they’ll bring, and it makes our earliest ambitions for Cover feel small.

Andrew Parker led the deal for Spark Capital and will be joining our board. We wanted Andrew’s involvement for a lot of reasons: he’s a product thinker with an engineer’s brain; he’s had experience with marketplaces and location-based services; he’s a genuinely nice dude to be around. But we also wanted it because he saw Cover, immediately, as we see it - and the same can be said of the other Spark partners. When Mark and I walked out of a meeting with all of the partners I felt that they had a clearer picture of the company, of the vision, and of us, than anyone else we’d met. We’re excited to work alongside them and to join the tight-knit community of companies in their portfolio.

Last year, Mark and I pitched Bryce Roberts of OATV on a future where apps are mostly invisible, running in the background to enhance the world around us, and we gave him a demo of how that should work for payments - at Yunnan Kitchen in the LES. Bryce invested and joined our board. A year later, thousands of customers experience part of that future daily in 100+ of the best restaurants in New York and San Francisco. One of my favorite things about Cover is that our team dines out together often (we can’t really call it ‘dogfooding’). This year, I’ll enjoy great meals at dozens of new restaurants with new investors and new team members, and each time my experience will be better because of Cover. That’s what we’re building: the feeling of enjoying the moment and focusing on what matters. And this year we’ll share that with thousands of new customers.

In case I haven’t made it clear enough, we’re hiring. Email me or tweet at me. Reach out to the team or our investors. And/or find us on AngelList (we’ll be updating our page with new job openings shortly).

- Andrew Cove (@aac)

I’m thrilled to announce Cover’s Series A, led by Spark Capital. This new investment will let us continue to grow Cover and further our vision of building the best possible experiences. I’ve had the pleasure of spending the past two years working with incredibly talented people on the Cover team and I’m excited that we can expand this team and bring even more outstanding people onboard. And that starts with Andrew Parker, who is joining our board of directors.

We had lunch with Andrew recently at Bar Primi - it was the first time we’d all gotten together since the investment. We caught up, had a nice conversation, and when we finished eating we headed back to the office. The lunch was one of the thousands of moments that Cover enables - letting people focus on what matters. As we’ve grown to over 100 restaurants and two cities, I’m fortunate enough to be able use Cover almost everywhere I go. To me, this has become normal.

When we got up from lunch, Andrew Parker said “this just feels right” - and he’s right. I use Cover so much sometimes I forget. That’s what Spark felt like and that’s why we’re excited to partner with them.

- Mark Egerman (@megerman)

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